Family Time During Isolation

7:30 PM

“Dear Billy, Tony, and Becky,

Well, it’s day one of CV (CoronaVirus) Isolation and just wanted to let you know the dog and I are fine. We went for a walk and said hi to the neighbors and a few strangers in the neighborhood, even though the strangers looked a bit suspect. They were wearing masks, kind of like the bad guys in westerns. But I figured they probably were probably OK –  just weren’t that good-looking and knew it. You know how I feel about the less – attractive. I let the dog growl at them though, just in case they were bad guys.”



8:01 PM 

Billy: “Hey Dad!  They were wearing face masks to protect from the coronavirus.” 

8:02 PM 

Becky: “Do you have a face mask? You should.”

8:03 PM 

Tony: “Let’s text instead of emailing. It’s quicker.”


8:10 PM 

“Dear Billy, Tony, and Becky, 

No I don’t have a face mask. Maybe I’ll get an eye mask, like the Lone Ranger. And no I won’t text. I’d rather type with my fingers than with my thumbs the way you guys do. When I try to text, ‘I’m all thumbs!’ Dad”


8:15 PM 

Billy: ‘Ok, That was a Dad joke. “

8:16 PM

Becky: “I laughed, Dad.”

8:17 PM

Tony: “You laugh at all his jokes, Becky. It’s a family embarrassment.” 


8:20 PM: 

“Dear Billy, Tony, and Becky, 

OK. No more Dad jokes. Anyway, I walked by Sally, my neighbor, the other day. She had broken the rules of isolation and was talking to another neighbor. But they were only 4 feet apart. 

I called the cops.”


8:21 PM 

Tony: “What?!”

8:21 PM 

Billy: “What?!”

8:21 PM 

Becky: “What?!”


8:22 PM

“Dear Billy, Tony, and Becky, 

Just kidding.” 


8:23 PM 

Billy: “Hey! That was another Dad joke!”

8:24 PM

Tony: “Yeah!”

8:24 PM

Becky: “Good one, Dad!”


8:25 PM 

“Dear Billy, Tony, and Becky, 

Thanks, Becky. I’m putting you in my will.

They were talking politics!  Did you know Sally actually likes Trump! I had no idea! Sure she wears a MAGA sweatshirt, but she told me it was just to get along with all the stupid Trump fans in the neighborhood. It’s not. She actually likes that idiot! ” 


8:45 PM

Becky: “Are you wearing a real face mask when you go out, Dad?  Hope so.”

8:46 PM

Tony: “As you always said, ‘there’s more to life than politics’, Dad.”

8:47 PM

Billy: “I sent 3 face masks to you the other day, Dad.” 


8:49 PM

“Dear Billy, Tony, and Becky,  

OK, you’re in my will now, too, Billy. How are you guys dealing with this isolation?”


9:00 PM

Billy: “I’m thinking of taking a shower this week.”

9:01 PM 

Tony: “I saw a great looking girl across the street the other morning. I waved at her and guess what? She waved back! So, I went back to the same spot at the same time for the next three days. Zilch. ”

9:05 PM

Becky: “Must have been the way you waved. You never did wave well. It’s a family embarrassment.”


9:10 PM

“Dear Tony, Billy, and Becky, 

I’ve been watching a lot of TV shows I never saw when you were kids, because we let you kids control the TV.  I think MASH is going to be a real ratings hit.”


9:11 PM 

Billy: “We can’t stop him. He is a pandemic of bad jokes.”

9:12 PM

Tony: “He means well. Just pretend you’re laughing.”

9:13 PM

Becky: “Well I AM laughing. I think he is funny.”


9:30 PM

“Dear Tony, Billy, and Becky, 

Well, this has been fun, but the dog needs to go out and if I don’t go with him, I’ll have to clean Sally’s lawn. So ’til next time…”


9:31 PM

Billy: “Hey I have an idea. Let’s do a zoom meeting tomorrow. The four of us.”

9:32 PM

Becky: “Absolutely. I’m down with that.”


9:33 PM

“Dear Tony, Billy, and Becky, 

What’s zoom? If it’s anything like texting, I’m out.”

9:34 PM

Tony: “Zoom! No way! That’s all I do all day at work. I’m out too, Dad. I have an idea. Let’s have a 4 way phone call.”

9:35 PM

“Dear Tony, Billy, and Becky, 

 OK Tony. You’re in my will.”

(If you like this, pass it on. If you don't, pass it on anyway. Why should you suffer alone?)