Enough With Blaming Guns!

I’m so tired of all the media emphasis on mass shootings. Why can’t they cover something positive for a change, like the end of Roe v Wade, or the success of the NRA’s payoffs to politicians, or the great Republican strategy of blaming mental illness for gun slaughter?


Really. Can’t we all just get along …down the road to baseball and summer picnics and sunbathing? Instead of all the negative spin?

We all know it’s only crazy people with guns who kill people, especially little kids… and their parents and their grandparents, cousins, friends… everyone from neighbors to strangers on a subway. Besides. So what?  Second Amendment, right? If I have a right to use a rifle to kill a deer, why not an assault rifle to kill a 10 year old?

The Second Amendment is sacrosanct. Who cares if an amendment is an add-on to the Constitution? Who cares if Thomas Jefferson and other forefathers predicted the changing world require revisions to the Constitution, if not complete rewrites?


Who cares if Australia cut gun deaths by 2/3rds when it cut gun ownership in 1996? Hey! Americans kill more kids with guns than anything else, incuding Covid, smallpox, cancer,… sports,… mental illness…car accidents… anything!

Aussies are such pansies!

I am so sick of people blaming the NRA for doing something as American as apple pie: helping of all those gun and bullet manufacturers increase shareholder value. Why shouldn’t there be more guns than people in this country? Why shouldn’t we prepare for the next time the government sends the military against all of us John Q Citizens? Right?…

What? It would be the first time?  Oh… Even so!

Look at it this way: without guns, the crazies would have to use knives or rocks or – I dunno – fists, right? Or maybe just words! All of which are way less efficient than guns, especially AR-15’s. And without guns, what would normal people have to fight government with, votes?

And think of this: We haven’t had militias since the 1700-1800’s. We haven’t been controlled by a foreign power since the 1700’s. Which means you never know when it might happen again! 


The problem isn’t guns. It’s all those lefty, Democrat media-types politicizing an American original – mass shootings of kids – and spreading hateful comments about guns, bullets, the NRA, and patriotic gun loyalists. Forget kids. Let’s shoot the media!


(If you like this, pass it on. If you don't, pass it on anyway. Why should you suffer alone?)